sony walk cassette player

Sony Walkman Cassette Player


Portable music playing devices are incredibly popular and common in todays society. Smartphones have allowed us to take music with us wherever we go but there once was a time when this was not possible. Portable audio cassette/tape players were first introduced in the late 70s when cassette tapes where popular. When you think of a portable cassette player, you undoubtably think of the Sony Walkman cassette player. The first walkman was introduced in 1979 (TPS-L2). Following Sony’s lead Aiwa, Panasonic and Toshiba also came out with competing models in the 80s. Over the years, the Sony Walkman cassette player evolved with new features like AM/FM receivers, bass boost, auto-reverse, solar power, dual cassette drive and even a water proof model. But like every technology, it wasn’t going to last forever. Cassette tapes began to become a thing of the past when the CD was invented in 1982, 2 years later the portable CD player was released.


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